L I V E T   N O R D :  P A P E R B I R D


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Photographers: Daniel Björneke Wirgård and Joakim Borglin.

Livet Nord is an award-winning violinist, composer and performer who transcends boundaries between musical genres and cultures. Her first solo project Paperbird demonstrates an impressive range of emotional expression and a creative mix of influences. Following on the critical and public success of her latest album, tours are planned for 2024-25.

Livet Nord has a unique musical identity and an unmistakable sound. For a quarter-century now she has toured around the world with a diverse range of ensembles, appeared in a sizable number of projects, and is featured on at least sixty albums. On top of it all, Livet also helms the quality label Kakafon Records.

In 2015, she had the distinction of being named Artist of the Year at Sweden’s Folk and World Music Gala. And in 2023, her composing was awarded by SKAP, Sweden’s association for music creators, with the motivation: "Her burning passion for her craft injects the folk genre with energy, creativity, and joy.” 

Paperbird is Livet Nord’s first solo project, her debut album. It all began in 2021 with a poetic and playful circus performance about a little girl grieving for her pet bird. Livet Nord composed the music and took part in the performance. In 2023, the music got its own wings and became Paperbird. A project that showcased Livet’s eclectic musical background, her inquiring mind, and her penchant for accommodating different styles and expressions. In addition to Livet Nord, eighteen of Sweden’s top musicians brought their expertise and flavor to the album. Following rave reviews, Livet put together a sextet Livets Orkester, with a lineup of prominent musicians and composers from the folk, jazz & world music scene to perform Paperbird live.

The Sextet Livets Orkester
Livet Nord - Violin quinton, kalimba, synth and vocals
Sara Luule Fridholm - Accordion and vocals
Lisa Grotherus - Bass clarinet, clarinet and vocals
Petra Haraldson - Piano/synth, percussion and vocals
Johanna Dahl - Cello and vocals
Anna Holm Ek - Double bass and vocals


Ivan Rod (Sept. 2023)
"...from the very first moment it was clear that there was something extraordinary about Livet Nord’s signature blend of folk, roots, and chamber music."
"The music is melodic, captivating, lovely. Making this encounter with Livet Nord mind-blowing."

4/5 Fiona Talkington, Songlines (May 2023)
“…Livet Nord's invitation to step into a magical mysterious world [...] irresistible.” 

Micheles Kindh, Blaskans vänner (May 16, 2023)
"Music that reaches an esoteric dimension, spellbinding us in the manner of fairies dancing in nature […] Eleven strong and sublime tracks make "Paperbird" a tour de force of poetry in motion.” 

Torbjörn Berlin, Berlin Calling  (May 2023)
”…beyond anything you’ve ever heard before […] poetic and beautiful…”

John Apice, American Highways (May 17, 2023)
“The pensive music conjures images, atmosphere & mood […]
Beautiful stuff. Superb performances.”

4/5 Mats Hallberg, Kulturbloggen (May 19, 2023)
"…a palette of styles swirled into a richly textured whole..."

Solo album debut May 19 2023!

P R E S S   I N F O   A B O U T   T H E   A L B U M

Album release May 19 2023!

Livet Nord has toured the world with a wide range of ensembles, appeared in a sizable number of dance and theater productions in addition to being featured on at least sixty albums. In 2015, she had the distinction of being “Artist of the Year” at Sweden’s Folk and World Music Gala. And now Livet Nord is dropping her first solo album, Paperbird, brimming with musical influences from all over the globe and backed up by prominent musicians. 

It all started with a poetic and playful circus performance about a little girl grieving her dead pet bird. Livet Nord composed music and took part in the performance alongside Signe Veinholt, an acrobat and the author of the story creator of the performance, and the clown Karin Svensson. In one of the scenes, Livet makes a paper bird to comfort the grieving girl. Through the albumpropcess the paper bird has joined Livet but transformed into a Blackbird. Like the Blackbird that is said to come with a message of renewal, this album is about finding meaning in life in even the face of grief and anger. To embrace your feelings, but also to let go and move on.

The compositions certainly reflect aspects from Livet’s eclectic musical background, her inquiring mind and penchant for accommodating various styles and expressions. The melancholy polska ”Solace” is shoulder to shoulder with energetic minimalism, a lush landscape of strings, buoyant party music in, and a sparkling circus waltz with all the trimmings.

The final track is Livet’s own setting of the Stig Dagerman poem Nu slår en blomma ut (”A Flower is Blooming”) that was recorded in 2015.

In addition to Livet Nord, nineteen of Sweden’s most prominent musicians, all with distinctive modes of expression, bring their expertise and flavor to this production. 

Livet Nord - Violin quinton, kalimba, vocals, midi instruments
Daniel Wejdin - Double bass 
Camilla Åström - Accordion (1, 7, 8, 10)
Ruhi Erdogan - Trumpet (3, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Jonatan Ahlbom - Tuba (2, 7, 9, 10)
Nils Berg - Flute, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet (3, 10)
Jonas Knutsson - Soprano saxophone (9, 10)
Lisa Långbacka - Accordion, piano (4, 11)
Johanna Dahl - Cello (6, 11)
Johan Olsson - Accordion (9)
Henrik Cederblom - Banjo (3), electric guitar (5)
Sofia Sandén - Vocals (5)
Johan Testad - Vocals (5)
Ebba Westerberg - Drums, percussion (10)
Klas-Henrik Hörngren - Synthesizer (5)
Robert Svärd - Cajón (3)
Moa Danielsson - Bulgarian Tapas, Cymbals (9)
Mikael Broström Eric - Church Organ (8)
Klara Goliger - Wurlitzer (1)

All music (except for track 3) was written by Livet Nord.
Track 1-10 was composed in 2021 for the Swedish play Ska det vara såhär??!
Hide and Seek (track 3) is originally a trad. Yugoslavian children’s song, U Budimu Gradu. Arrangement by L. Nord.

Nu slår en blomma ut / A Flower is Blooming (track 11) was composed in 2011 and recorded in 2015. The lyrics are by Stig Dagerman.

Recorded in Siljansnäs, Rimbo, Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg, Leksand, Järna, Sundsvall and Oslo in 2021-2023 by Livet Nord and most of the musicians involved in this production. Joakim Fritzner recorded the accordion on tracks 1, 7, 8 and 10 at Sonya Studios, Gothenburg. Per Brehmer recorded the tuba on tracks 2, 7 and 9. John Runefelt recorded the Bulgarian tapas and cymbals on track 9. Johannes Lundberg recorded and mixed track 11 at Studio Epidemin, Gothenburg, in 2015.

Producer: Livet Nord.
Editing: Livet Nord and Klara Goliger.
Mixing: Klara Goliger (1-10), Music-A-Matic Studios in Gothenburg, Sept. 2022 to Feb. 2023.
               Johannes Lundberg (11), Studio Epidemin in Gothenburg, 2015 and 2023.
Mastering: Hans Olsson, Svenska Grammofonstudion, Gothenburg, Sept. 2022 to Feb. 2023.
Cover art and graphic design: Susanna Haverinen
Photographer: Daniel Björneke Wirgård
Origami art: Mio Nakamura / Japonica Origami
Styling: Nonno Nordqvist
Translation to English: Ingrid Eng
Video Art: Johannes Winkler

The album is produced with support from Musik i Dalarna and The Swedish Arts Council.

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E-mail: nordlivet@gmail.com
Phone: +46(0)704-414001.

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Christina Glaeser
Tel: 073-9479851
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1. Suddenly She Passed By (5:11)
2. The Angry Girl (2:41)
3. Hide And Seek (2:36)
4. Wonder Waltz
5. Solace/Tröstpolska (5:19)
6. Paperbird (2:51)
7. Reminiscence Waltz I (3:42)
8. Bye Bye Bird (4:54)
9. Elvis Elvis (3:27)
10. Reminiscence Waltz II (2:04)
11. Nu slår en blomma ut (3:50)



"Her burning passion for her craft injects the folk genre with energy, creativity, and joy.”

WEB / About SKAP: www.skap.se

Record label

Kakafon Records
Sovholsgattu 9
793 60 Siljansnäs


About the circus performance
Ska det vara såhär??!

A little girl in red cloaths passes by with a red bag. The girl is angry. She's walking with her head down. A group of various figures notices her. They watch, follow and wonders: What is she doing? At last someone of them dare to ask what has happend? The girl opens her red bag and in it is a dead little bird. How can her new friends comfort her? They make a funeral with procession and flowers. And then a memorial celebration party for the little bird. It was sad but beautiful.

This is a wordless poetical circus performance for the age 4-9 years old.

BOOKING: info@skadetvara.se
WEB: www.skadetvara.se

SINGEL Released
May 5 2023

Solace / Tröstpolska
Music: Livet Nord

It all began with a beautiful but impossible love. Then a fairytale that transformed into a poetic circus performance about a girl grieving a dead bird. A muffled bass line had been trodding along in the back of my head for a while, giving me comfort and hope of finding a way through the grief. But then, on a beautiful September day in 2021, during the rehearsals of the show "Ska det vara såhär??!" (Should it be like this??!) the grief of both the fairytale and of the impossible love joined hands, and a humming song of solace was born. Shortly thereafter their song was joined by a hopeful "polska" (Swedish folk tune). At the outset the music was naked and fragile- just a violin and a voice, performed in several layers. But the music traveled on to different places and grew stronger with additional comforting voices. From the kitchen at home in Siljansnäs on to Rimbo, Stockholm, Sundsvall, Gothenburg, finally ending up in a small cottage in Dalarna on Tibbleberget where the last voice was recorded, before it's release into the universe. The fragile and the powerful along with the personal voices of all the contributing artists took shape and became Solace/Tröstpolska.

Solace, or "Tröstpolska", is about finding meaning in life in even the face of grief. To embrace your feelings, but also to let go and move on. About how redemptive it can be to humbly allow all of your feelings to be present and about how close they really are to each other. About daring to be both strong and vulnerable.

Livet Nord - Violinquinton, Vocals
                    and Midi Organ
Johan Testad - Vocals
Sofia Sandén - Vocals
Henrik Cederblom - Electric Guitar
Daniel Wejdin -Double Bass
Klas-Henrik Hörngren - Synthesizer

Music, production: Livet Nord
Recording: Livet Nord and contributing musicians.
Mixing: Klara Goliger, Music A Matic Studio, Göteborg feb.-23.
Mastering: Hans Olsson, Svenska Grammofonstudion, Gbg feb.-23.
Cover art/graphic design: Susanna Haverinen
Producent: Livet Nord

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