Livet Nord - Short biography

Livet Nord is basically trained in classical violin in Gothenburg, and since 1998 she has worked as a freelance musician in a variety of groups, plays and projects within different genres and musicstyles. She has toured the world with the sextet New Tide Orquesta since 1996 and the trio Kaja since 2005. She has participated in over 40 phonograms with her own and others' projects and also runs her own record label, Kakafon Records. As producer she manage international exchange programs and organizes tours, concerts and festivals in Sweden. In 2009 she received Göteborg's Cultural Award because "Through her highly developed musicality and her personal expression she moves easily and freely across diverse genres and mixes tango with Swedish folk music, reggae with prog rock and klezmer with jazz." In 2015 she was awarded as "Artist Of The Year" at the Swedish Folk and world music gala.

Livet has besides New Tide Orquesta and Kaja also been seen and heard toghether with Lena Willemark, Beches Brew Big, Nord/Långbacka/Dahl, Gunnar Källström & Fridens Liljer, Lucas Stark & Bruksorkestern, Kultiration and many other artists, groups and plays.