Livet Nord Kulturproduktion sometimes organizes concerts, clubs and minor festival events. Here you will find some info about present and former arrangements.



PICK'n'MIX Festival (Formerly known as Popcornfestivalen)


A small, but gigiantic intimate and border brakeing cross over multi cultural winterfestival in Gothenburg, Sweden, every second year since 2007.


PICK'n'MIX Festival presents all kinds of folk- and World music, Jazz, Electronica, Pop, Classical music, Singer- songwriters, Storytelling, Poetry, Video art, Folkloristic and Modern Dance, Performance, Theatre and much more. 


#1 2007 Popcornfestivalen

#2 2009 Popcornfestivalen

#3 2011 Popcornfestivalen
#4 2013 PICK'n'MIX Festival




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Arrangements by Livet Nord in cooperation with other arrangers


2007 Popcornfestivalen

         Söndagsklubben, June-Dec.


2008 New Romantic Festival



2009 Popcornfestivalen


2010 Oceanen Spring Festival

2011 Popcornfestivalen

2012 Klubb Ankaret

        (Folk and World music program)

2013 PICK'n'MIX Festival

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Attending WOMEX 11 26-30 OCT
The delegation "NEW SWEDEN" with some of Sweden's finest folk- and world music groups:

New Tango Orquesta, Kaja, Räfven, Tetra, Andra Geerationen, Krackel, Kapell, Den Fule, Crane Dance Trio, Leche Burre and Groupa.