Kraken Shanty Band

- One of the most prominent Shanty groups in Scandinavia!
Kraken Shanty Band will give you chills with their powerful yet intimate interpretations of shanties, or classic work songs from the sea, as well as instrumental folk music and stories from different parts of the world. Genuine, powerful, and whole hearted!

The formation of KSB occurred many years ago on board the East Indiaman ship “Götheborg,” during her voyage to China. Henrik Alling and Henrik Wallgren, musicians and world explorers, found each other while working together on the ship, united by the powerful work songs as well as the diverse music climate on board. After returning from the trip, they formed KSB, which today qualifies as one of the best Shanty bands in Scandinavia.

KSB released its first album in spring 2016, entitled “Pull Down Below”.

Henrik Alling – voice and guitar
Henrik Wallgren – voice and guitar
Livet Nord – five stringed violin and backup vocals
Henrik Cederblom – guitar, mandolin, fiddle and backup vocals (sub)
Finn Björnulfsson – percussion and backup vocals


Henrik Wallgren
, one of the founders, is an artist, inventor and visionary, who always gets the most out of life. He has released albums under his own name, built ships, worked as an actor, and written essays, blogs, and scripts for film and theater.
Henrik Alling owns the stage, where he sings and tell stories with great charisma. He has seen the world through his experiences on both large ships and small vessels, taking him beyond the seven seas.
Henrik Cederblom is a multi instrumentalist of high class and a respected record producer who plays with Simbi, Freddie Wadling, Sofia Karlsson, Den Fule, and Sofie Livebrant, among others.
Livet Nord (Artist of the Year at Swedish Folk Awards 2015) navigates through many different musical genres with great expression. She has over 20 projects on her resume, including New Tide Orquesta, Kaja, and Beches Brew Big.
Finn Björnulfsson is one of the best and creative percussionists in Sweden today. He is responsible for introducing and establishing Brazilian percussion on the Swedish music scene. You may have seen and heard him play with Miriam AÏda, Timbuktu and Håkan Hellström (selected list).
Kraken is a legendary sea creature that has its origins in Norwegian and Icelandic fishing and seafaring tradition. It usually appears as a gigantic octopus, with up to ten arms. 

The East Indiaman "Götheborg" on tour
The East Indiaman "Götheborg" on tour



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