Shtoltse lider
– A concert full of poetry, original music and engaged storytelling.

The Swedish musician and composer Ida Gillner is performing the concert Shtoltse lider, joined by violinist Livet Nord. A devoted concert of poetry set to original music, featuring early 20th-century women Yiddish writers, such as Anna Margolin, Rokhl Korn, Celia Dropkins and Malka Heifetz Tussman. Words and music are carefully woven together and the sonic palette draws from multiple sources—Yiddish song forms, early 20th-century dance forms, Euroclassical art songs, cabaret and some Nordic folk influences.
The project Shtoltse lider emerged in 2015 by the duo Ida&Louise when they were asked by the jewish community in Gothenburg to write a piece of music for a Rokhl Korn seminar. It evolved into a bigger project covering not only Korns poems, but also several other women writers from that time, resulting in a performing art show premiering 2017 and the album Shtoltse lider that was released in 2019. Their work with Shtoltse lider has been recognized as significant for spreading the knowledge of these Yiddish writers in Sweden.
In the concert you´ll get to hear heartful original musical interpretations, poems, engaged storytelling and even Rokhl Korn herself reading a poem from an old raspy recording.
Ida Gillner – voice, piano, soprano saxophone, compositions
Livet Nord – violin, voice, glockenspiel




Ida Gillner:
Livet Nord:

FOTO: Daniel Björneke Wirgård