"This is brilliant. Anything can happen around the next corner, everything is possible."
/Sydsvenska Dagbladet

"This is an outstanding record (Bestiario). It is beautiful, it is sad and it instils hope, it carries darkness and shimmering light. Obscure and obvious. Under bandoneon player Per Störby's command, NTO brings the tango along on an eight track journey full of drama, innovation and skill. Enjoy the ride"

"The complex songs bristle with pent-up emotion, flirt with discord, and tie themselves in orchestrated knots as tight as J. S. Bach´s noose."
/The Beat - Los Angeles, USA

"Per Störby's bandoneon and the evident joy he takes in exploring the music rubs off and one constantly discovers more, as if he knows more than we do but wishes to share the truth only little by little. This is music that leaves behind the idea of crossing boarders. This music is boundless."

"I imagine this is what Tom Waits would have sounded like, had he not been a trained musician. NTO's music resounds his crippled traits, not in an intended careless exposition of un-tuned instruments, but in precise dissonances and intensive coyness. As when a lone fluttering note from the bandoneon hovers until it is just about the sole sound in the room. There are numerous aspects that can turn a concert into a great experience. This night it is essentially, foremost and repeatedly, the beauty and the disruption that make magic, one after the other, the other into the first. In a near hypnotic manner."

"...Melody lines being rapidly back-passed between the whole group like a skilful rugby team on a top-form attack. The NTO had the audience eating of their hands long before even half-way."
/The Moscow Expat

"Their music goes straight into the blood stream."
/Svenska Dagbladet

"Endlessly obtrusive! The group's third album is demanding with a ceaseless, uncompromising and
dangerously explosive commitment. As far from thespian pretence that a group of musicians can possibly go without getting lost in utter madness."

/Östgöta Correspondenten

"The group's manner of melting influences into a personal, somehow soiled, sound that also

encompasses melancholy, is impressive."

/Dagens Nyheter

"The Gothenburg group NTO's latest release 'Bestiario' is a fantastic musical journey."


"Together they produce miracles. It is exciting compositions filled with passion and heat, at intervals so languishing you hardly can´t stand it."



Photo by Josef Kallerdahl
Photo by Per Nadén