Three musicians with backgrounds in folk and world music, tango, pop, jazz, film and theater music in an unpredictable meeting.

Nord/Långbacka/Dahl is a trio formed by three musicians exploring their own path in a time where musical grounds are merging and moving. Nord/Långbacka/Dahl play their own compositions and find, with love and respect for tradition, nourishment in the borderlands between various musical genres. Their music reveals the members' individual playing styles and their backgrounds in classical, folk, pop, world, tango and cinematic art music.

Lisa Eriksson Långbacka

- Accordion, keyboards and voice, etc.

Lisa Eriksson Långbacka has her origins in folk music but her openness towards other genres takes her between diverse musical worlds. From collaborations with pop, jazz and folk musicians to opera and theatre. She is involved in several recordings and has toured with Grammy winning Maria Schneider, performed at the Swedish Nobel celebration, in the Eurovision Song Contest et al. In the fall 2014, Lisa will be the band leader at the Cullberg Ballet's performance 11th floor (music by Gavin Bryars) and during spring 2015 she were in the orchestra at the Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen. Lisa also has a duo with the violinist Lisa Rydberg and can be heard with Majlis, Lena Willemark, Sofia Karlsson, Tomas Ledin and Sofie Livebrant among others.

Lisa has studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and at the University of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. In 2015 she were awarded as Accordionist Of The Year by Svenska Dragspelsförbundet.

Johanna Dahl

- Cello and voice, etc.

Johanna has studied the classical cello at the University of Music and Drama in Gothenburg in the late 80's, but also since the early years played Swedish folk music. Today she possesses a great genre width as a freelance musician and composer, and has appeared in a variety of dance and theater, among others at the City Theatre and Theatre Bhopa in Gothenburg, Ögonblicksteatern in Umeå, Panic Theatre in Uppsala, etc. She is also frequently hired as a studio musician and composed ​​music for kids radio. Johanna has received a composition fellowship from STIM and musician scholarship from the Arts.

Johanna is a permanent member of the groups New Tide Orquesta and Krackel Kapell but has also played with the group Zenit, musicians like Stefan Forssen, Nils Berg, Joakim Milder, Jan Levander, Svante Henrysson, Miss Li, The Veronicas, Tommy Nilsson and many more.

Livet Nord

- 5 string violin and voice etc.

Livet Nord is basically trained in classical violin in Gothenburg, and since 1998 she has worked as a freelance musician in a variety of groups, plays and projects within different genres and musicstyles. She has toured the world with the sextet New Tideo Orquesta since 1996 and the trio Kaja since 2005. She has participated in over 40 phonograms with her own and others' projects and also runs her own record label, Kakafon Records. As producer she manage international exchange programs and organizes tours, concerts and festivals in Sweden. In 2009 she received Göteborg's Cultural Award because "Through her highly developed musicality and her personal expression she moves easily and freely across diverse genres and mixes tango with Swedish folk music, reggae with prog rock and klezmer with jazz."

Livet has besides New Tide Orquesta and Kaja also been seen and heard toghether with the groups and artists Beches Brew Big, Lena Willemark, Gunnar Källström & Fridens Liljer, Lucas Stark & Bruksorkestern, Kultiration, Dan Viktor, After Shave & Anders Eriksson, in performances at various theaters etc. In 2015 Livet was awarded as the Artist Of The Year at Folk- och världsmusikgalan (


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Nu slår en blomma ut

"Now A Flower Is Blooming"
Music: L. Nord
Lyrics/poetry: Stig Dagerman

Spår i snö / Out Of Space

Music: J. Dahl / L.E. Långbacka

Medley / short cuts
- Live from a concert in Dalacarlia 2014

Recorded on an iPhone.
All music composed and arranged by NLD.


Live from Aggers Hus (SE)
March the 8th in 2015

NLD and Jenny Ritter Quartet from Vancouver were together on a tour in Sweden. Here are three film shoots from that tour.