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LIVET NORD – violin and viola
CAMILLA ÅSTRÖM – accordion and piano
DANIEL WEJDIN – double bass

Since 2005, Sweden's Kaja has championed daring and dazzling Nordic music. The acoustic trio's foundation is klezmer and other Eastern vibes, enriched by layers of film and contemporary music, tango, Scandinavian folk tunes and jazz. The band takes inspiration from its evocative Swedish surroundings and train rides between east and west. An independent-minded sensibility in composition and arrangement leads Kaja from the intimacy of chamber music to the unpredictability found in folk and improvised music, the players' idiosyncrasies in technique – from glissandos to unusual grooves and ornamentations – revealing personal playing styles that are both highly expressive and tightly controlled. Although the band remains informed by Eastern European Folk music traditions, it's Kaja's experimental side that has made the genre its very own.

To date, Kaja has released two critically acclaimed full-length CDs (2007's Krackel and 2010's Rust). 


2005 Kaja was funded and toured in Sweden with new compositions.

2006 The first album ”Kaja” was released with two traditional Klezmer tunes and three new compositions. Kaja toured in the southern part of Sweden and northern Germany.

2007 Their full-length album ”Krackel” was released in the spring at the label Famous on the Moon Records. They performed at festivals, culture houses, theatres, museums, churches, clubs and private parties in Sweden.

2008 Kaja toured with public and school concerts in whole of Sweden. New music for the theatre play Riddar Blåskägg was composed. Riddar Blåskägg had premiere in Gothenburg and was performed by Kaja and the storyteller Kiriaki Christoforidis. Swedish Radio P2 recorded a concert at Korröfestivalen that has been broadcasted several times.

2009 New music was composed for the upcoming album. Kaja recorded the first part of the album in October. During the year they also performed in Sweden.

2010 Kaja finished the recordings of their upcoming album which was released in September and recieved rave reviews. 

In 2011 Kaja toured in Sweden and Denmark and attended the Folk and World Music fair Womex. In december Kaja and the quartet Tetra performs "Midvintervaka" (a world musicalic winter/christmas show) in Gothenburg.

2012 Kaja performed abroad, both in Canada and Holland, toured and did workshops in Sweden. Together with the vocal quartet Tetra, they released an album and toured with a Christmas show called "Midvintervaka".

2013 Kaja attended APAP in New York, USA in January and toured in South Korea in October. In South Korea they performed at Jarasum International Jazz Festival, Changwoo World Music Festival, Global Jazz Festival and made a TV concert in EBS Space. Nov. the 18th their third album Tre Trappor Upp is released.

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LIVE in UMEÅ at Hammock Sessions: Tiergarten (by Livet Nord)

From the recording of Tre Trappor Upp:
Dans med ryska dockor
(by Camilla Åström)

New album in November 2013

Kaja released their latest album in November 2013.

Kaja’s latest release - Tre Trappor Upp – treats you to their own particular brand of daring and dazzling chamber folk, full edgy twists and turns. Always partial to East European folk music, over the past ten years Kaja has also forged their own musical language by layering on more and more dimensions. Their eclectic blend has evolved into a genre of its own: A fusion of klezmer, tango, Swedish traditional, French waltzes, cinematic art music and improvisation spiced with fresh influences from American folk music, acoustic club music and Indian ragas. Building on the strengths evident on their critically acclaimed second album, Rust, their sound has continued to mature and more space has been given to improvisation. The magical sleeve art is the work of Yusuke Nagano. And if you buy the LP version ofTre Trappor Upp, you will also get nine poems – one for each track – written by the uniquely talented Olivia Bergdahl.

World musical christmas show: MIDVINTERVAKA

A colorful modern Christmas show with saffron and cinnamon spiced songs songs from around the world! 


With the show "Midvintervaka" canvases Kaja & Tetra up a sumptuous Christmas dinner for everyone. The seven musicians and singers offer a colorful Christmas show with dancing and music drawn from various folk traditions: Nordic, Greek, Arabic, Celtic, Roma, Macedonian, Italian and Caribbean folk music, klezmer and tango. It sounds ranging from Staffan Supervisor and Santa Lucia in Italian to the brand new midvintertango and Haitian comfortable swinging Christmas music. Known and less well-known, traditional and newly written, locally and internationally. 

INFO, Trailer, Photos, Album: (in swedish)

Rave reviews!

"Kaja have arranged their music in a most ingenious way…
/…There is a thrill and magic that makes each track grow into a world
of possebilleties"
/Lira (Swedish World Music Magazine)

5/5"Rust is exeptional and dazzling music"


5/5 "Kaja use blue notes of a kind B B King has never found and which stings better than schampoo in your eyes"

/Sydsvenska Dagbladet


"The result is irresistable"

/Göteborgs Fria tidning

5/5 "Kaja has taken everything in life, destilated it on a bottle and shaken it" /NWT


"It is enchantlingly excellent"


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Kakafon Records


Released in 2007 at Famous on the Moon Records, now changed to Kakafon Records.

Photo by Lucas Stark